Expression Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana Small Secreted Protein Genes

Shinya Nakamura, Takamasa Suzuki, Makoto Kawamukai, Tsuyoshi Nakagawa

Small proteins secreted to the extracellular matrix in plants regulate many physiological activities, including pathogen response, material transport, and morphogenesis, but the functions of most small secreted proteins have not been elucidated except for some well-known small secreted proteins. To predict the functions and physiological roles of unidentified small secreted proteins, information on their expression patterns is valuable. Here, we report expression analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana small secreted protein (ATSP) genes that encode proteins possessing a signal peptide at N-terminal, and protein sizes were less than 100 amino acid residues. By promoter:reporter experiments, we examined the expression of 122 ATSPs, including 47 unannotated ATSPs that do not have any discernable motifs, in tissues and at the cellular level in Arabidopsis seedlings, and floral organs. As a result, 79 ATSP genes were expressed in various regions of the seedlings, and 37 ATSP genes were specifically expressed.